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Our Vision – To enhance the lives of all Nevadans by improving access to quality healthcare.

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Our database of the status of healthcare needs and access to medical care in Nevada.

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The Nevada Medical Center (NMC) was founded by the inspired vision of the late Eric M. Hilton and launched by the NMC Officers and Board of Directors and leadership team. NMC is a Nevada non-profit corporation created for the purpose of enhancing the lives of all Nevadans and visitors through improved access to quality healthcare.

The Silver State faces issues of high morbidity and mortality rates and continues to rank among the lowest states in the nation when it comes to accessing affordable, quality healthcare.

Fortunately, Nevada has both the resources and the will to improve its national rankings. Addressing these deficits meaningfully requires us to focus on projects with proven transformational ability. As Eric M. Hilton envisioned, NMC will deliver innovations in healthcare services by improving health and promoting preventative healthcare methods.

Our Vision

Eric M. Hilton Healthcare Collaboration Prize

Introducing the inaugural Nevada Medical Center Eric M. Hilton Healthcare Collaboration Prize. Nominations are now closed – Winners will be announced in February Challenging situations require the best and brightest minds in order to address them effectively.  Help Nevada Medical Center recognize and reward select organizations within the state’s healthcare community that work together to […]

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2nd Release of NMC’s Healthcare Report Card!

The Nevada Medical Center will release the 2nd edition of the NMC Healthcare Report Card on October 3, 2018!  NMC’s Healthcare Report Card provides information about the health of Nevadans. The Report Card also evaluates the effectiveness of the Nevada healthcare system and establishes a ranking system for Nevada in comparison to other states in […]

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A New School Year of Learning and Play

Written by Dr. Stuart Brown, NMC/GSPI Key Strategist The Nevada Medical Center is committed to improving the overall health and well-being of Las Vegas and Nevada residents. As the NMC Healthcare Report Card revealed, mental health among Nevada’s children remains a critical concern. As such, NMC is dedicated to demonstrate how play contributes to the development […]

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NMC, UNLV School of Community Health Sciences, & Hearst Foundations Collaboration

The Nevada Medical Center received initial approval and was recommended for a $100k grant following a successful site visit in Las Vegas by the leader of San Francisco based Hearst Foundation.  This grant will allow NMC, in collaboration with the UNLV School of Community Health Sciences, to take action on the findings in NMC’s Healthcare […]

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