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Our Vision – To enhance the lives of all Nevadans by improving access to quality healthcare.

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Our database of the status of healthcare needs and access to medical care in Nevada.

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The Nevada Medical Center (NMC) was founded by the inspired vision of the late Eric M. Hilton and launched by the NMC Officers and Board of Directors and leadership team. NMC is a Nevada non-profit corporation created for the purpose of enhancing the lives of all Nevadans and visitors through improved access to quality healthcare.

The Silver State faces issues of high morbidity and mortality rates and continues to rank among the lowest states in the nation when it comes to accessing affordable, quality healthcare.

Fortunately, Nevada has both the resources and the will to improve its national rankings. Addressing these deficits meaningfully requires us to focus on projects with proven transformational ability. As Eric M. Hilton envisioned, NMC will deliver innovations in healthcare services by improving health and promoting preventative healthcare methods.

Our Vision

NMC visit with Advisory Board Member Dr. Debra Toney

NMC team taking a tour of NMC’s Advisory Board Member, Dr. Debra Toney’s, Director of Quality Management; Nevada Health Centers, Inc. workplace at the Nevada Health Centers headquarters! (Pictured left to right: Shea Okamoto, Julie Murray, Dr. Debra Toney, and Kristy Keller)

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NMC @ the CCMSA Luncheon

NMC board members at the Spring 2018 CCMSA luncheon where it was announced that NMC, in conjunction with collaborative partner UMC, would receive the annual CCMSA grant.

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Alzheimer’s Support Group – H2U MountainView Office

FREE SUPPORT GROUP- Representative from the Alzheimer’s Association will lead this support group that provides an opportunity for family, friends, caregivers and others to meet regularly for mutual emotional support and to exchange coping skills with one another in matters relating to Alzheimer’s disease. This support group will meet the third Tuesday of every month […]

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Free rapid HIV Testing – The Center

Serving as a critical part of Southern Nevada Health District’s testing and counseling programs, The Center offers complimentary rapid HIV testing and counseling to Nevada residents. The goal is to empower people with an awareness of their own situations and allow them to take control of their lives. The current testing schedule is listed below. […]

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