HCRC Report Card Event

3rd Edition of NMC’s Healthcare Report Card Event a Success!

With over sixty attendees present at the third edition of Nevada Medical Center’s Data Portal and Healthcare Report Card event, participants learned  how Nevada compares to other states in the country  in seven healthcare categories.  While the grades show that Nevada has work to do with regard to improving healthcare quality, it is important to note that much progress is being made by individual counties within Nevada that is not reflected in the NMC report card or data portal.  Moreover, the report card is designed to be a transparent comparison on how Nevada ranks against other states in the country, and  while states continue to move the needle towards improved overall healthcare, Nevada’s rank must be taken in context, as the goal to change the landscape for healthcare indicators across the country improves. The 2019 healthcare report card contains the following seven categories: Access to Healthcare, Chronic Diseases, Oral Health, Nutrition and Activity, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Infectious Disease. Oral Health was added as a new category due to the direct impact oral health has on an individual’s overall well-being. In addition, indicators about the prevalence of Autism were added as development disorder subcategory within the mental health section. UNLV School of Public Health Dean Dr. Shawn Gerstenberger introduced the report card and Principal Analyst with Applied Analysis, Jeremy Aguero formally presented the 2019 data portal. In addition, highly respected and long-time Southern Nevada physician Dr. Florence Jameson shared how the report card and data portal help Nevada’s healthcare system improve, and NMC President, Ms. Julie Murray addressed how the NMC report card and data portal set the foundation for informed collaboration, especially as it relates to mental wellness among Nevada’s youth.