Nevada Medical Center and Nevada Action Coalition Announce Partnership on Nursing and Health Issues

The Nevada Medical Center and Nevada Action Coalition are proud to announce that the Nevada Medical Center was approved as the “non-nursing” partner of the Nevada Action Coalition. Through its partnership with the Nevada Medical Center, the Nevada Action Coalition seeks to address the mounting healthcare needs in Nevada by establishing a more diverse nursing workforce. The Coalition is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the AARP Foundation as part of a national effort to implement the National Institutes of Health’s report on “The Future of Nursing”.

It is the mission of the Nevada Medical Center to improve the health of Nevadans and Nevada’s health care system by promoting and supporting collaboration and cooperation in the medical community and establishing performance metrics and health indicators to identify priorities and measure community success.

“This partnership with the with the Nevada Action Coalition and the Nevada nursing community represents a major step toward accomplishing the mission of the Nevada Medical Center.,” observed Larry Matheis, Nevada Medical Center Executive Director.

For more information, see the attached Press Release or visit the Nevada Action Coalition web site.

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