John Miller headshot

NMC Board Member Profile: Mr. John Miller

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Mr. John Miller is the visionary and CEO to the newest bank in the USA, Lexicon Bank. John Miller started his career as an investment professional, entrepreneur and consultant to the community banking industry. Mr. Miller served the PWH Trust for 11 years, where he created and introduced multiple technological and analytical tools that greatly expanded the community bank, insurance and other industry portfolios under management, growing the trust’s assets to over $500 Million. Mr. Miller was a founding investor and board member of two de novo banks, Professional Bank and Pioneer Bank, both in Texas, and worked to launch and grow those two banks. Mr. Miller served as a board member on 5 bank boards before founding the first bank in Nevada in over a decade. While serving a Lexicon CEO Mr. Miller still currently serves on the board of Mission Valley Bancorp in Sun Valley, CA, a $350 million asset bank.  Mr. Miller’s entrepreneurial spirit is ever present in the winery he co-founder Cast Wines, in Sonoma County’s Dry Creek Valley. NMC is proud to have an individual of John Miller’s caliber on the Board!