NMC launches Nevada Health Care Report Card

John R. O’Reilly, Chairman of the NMC Board of Directors spoke to a large audience at the release of the first NMC Nevada Healthcare Report Card: “The launch of the Nevada Healthcare Report Card is another important step in the development of the Nevada Medical Center… We looked at 5 categories of data: Access to Healthcare; Chronic Diseases, Nutrition and Activity, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse. Overall, the report provides a grade of D for Nevada providing significant challenges and opportunities for improvement.”

NMC Board member and former Nevada Governor and U. S. Senator Richard H. Bryan commented at the launch: “Whether our concerns are the cost of care or coverage for care, we can make better decisions in both the public and private sectors if we start from a better understanding of the medical needs of Nevadans…We believe that the Nevada Healthcare Report Card can be an important part of the analysis of issues and setting priorities.”

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