NMC Strengthens Play at Robert Lunt Elementary School

Child with hula hoop

During the week of February 18, 2019, Nevada Medical Center, in partnership with Playworks and the UNLV School of Public Health, facilitated a week-long Recess Reboot at Robert Lunt Elementary School. School leaders, staff, students, and the identified recess team spent the week learning how to re-connect with students during recess.  Recess reboot helps educators rethink playtime and restore the belief that play is a basic human need.  Kids who play are more resilient, active, and empathetic.  Through play, kids learn how to make friends, gain confidence, solve problems, and be part of a team. They learn the social and emotional learning skills that will be rehearsed in classrooms, board rooms, and throughout their lives. Due to the incredible generosity of Drs. Florence & Gard Jameson, the students and staff of Robert Lunt Elementary School received the gift of play!