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Science of Play

NMC Hosts Meetings on the Science of Play with Key Nevada Leaders

April, 2017

Since the fall of 2016, NMC has sponsored a series of meetings with leaders in the academic, healthcare, business, and public service sectors of Nevada to develop programs based on the science of play. Projects are being developed to demonstrate and further validate play, from childhood to adulthood, as a vital part of living a full and healthy life.

NMC will work with experts in the field of play to plan, develop, and implement practical applications of this historically significant and emerging research. The Global Science of Play Institute (GSPI) has been joined by the Nevada non-profit, Vision 2020…TODAY, in the formation and funding of this institute. The marketing slogan “Play Vegas” will soon have new meaning to those who have referred to playing Vegas as a “boondoggle,” a waste of time, or a waste of corporate/personal resources.

Play has been proven to be essential to cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being. Together with GSPI, NMC will help Nevada parents, healthcare providers, businesses, and communities protect and foster play from childhood through adulthood. Much like the physical body requires exercise and proper nutrition to maintain optimum balance, humans also need to exercise their play instincts to remain mentally supple, creative, and intellectually sound. Jean Piaget wrote, “Play is the answer to the question: how does anything new come about?” And, Carl Jung stated, “The oldest medicine in the universe is enchantment.” NMC, in collaboration with the experts in the science of play, will plan, develop, and implement demonstration projects and action plans aimed at different populations and settings to bring play into the cultural consciousness of Nevadans and those who visit Nevada. Because play should be viewed as a public health necessity.

For more information about the science of play or to schedule an event, contact Kristy Keller at [email protected].