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Our Vision – To enhance the lives of all Nevadans and those who visit Nevada through improved access to and quality of affordable and innovative healthcare.

Our Mission – To improve Nevada’s healthcare system and the health of all Nevadans and those who visit Nevada by promoting and supporting collaboration and innovation in the medical community and by establishing performance metrics and health indicators to identify priorities and measure community success.

Guiding Principles

  1. Individual and community health should be measured as the sum total of our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
  2. Core elements of a healthy life include a commitment to wellness, access to qualified healthcare professionals, and a willingness to integrate professional guidance into one’s lifestyle.
  3. Communities that place an emphasis on health and wellness attract qualified healthcare providers and encourage a healthy lifestyle for both residents and visitors.
  4. A healthy approach to life is enjoyable and fulfilling, a playful and curious mind is a healthy mind, and a healthy body results from maintaining a healthy immune system.
  5. The health of a community in which its members fully live, work, and play is improved when individuals take an active role and responsibility in maintaining proper health.
  6. The NMC Healthcare Report Card will stimulate collaborative conversations around priorities and targeted healthcare needs for its participants and supporters.
  7. The NMC will facilitate community health collaboration at the NMC Eric M. Hilton Center for Healthcare Collaboration and Innovation and through the included NMC institutes and programs.

NMC Business Plan

The Nevada Medical Center (NMC) has been and is operating with a clear intention and realistic expectation of being a beneficial resource for the healthcare needs of all Nevadans and those who visit Nevada. In concert with all those who are already providing quality service within our healthcare sector, NMC will strive to further advance a culture of prevention and a focus on wellness. Through collaboration and innovation, and the support of those who believe in and support the NMC commitments to healthcare, the NMC will be a change agent that opens a dynamic space with cooperative dialogue and behaviors that will lead to creative healthcare innovation and outcomes.

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